There is no winner in the trade war China will actively take measures to deal with

Date:2018-03-21 Views:577

On March 19-20, 018, the mini-ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization was held in New Delhi, India. Vice Minister of Commerce and Deputy Secretary of International Trade Negotiation Wang Shouwen led a delegation to attend the meeting and delivered a speech. Representatives of 53 WTO members or ministers from China, the United States, the European Union, and India, and Azevedo, the WTO Director General, attended the meeting.

Wang Shengwen emphasized at the meeting that the report of the 19th CPC National Congress pointed out that "China supports the multilateral trading system, promotes the establishment of a free trade zone, and promotes the construction of an open world economy." It conveys to the outside world that China persists in opening the country to build and promote the construction of an open world. Positive economic signal. Faced with the spread of anti-globalization ideas and the rise of protectionism, all parties should jointly support the multilateral trading system and maintain the authority and effectiveness of the WTO rules.

Wang Suwen stated that the WTO currently faces many challenges. China is a staunch supporter and active builder of the multilateral trading system and is willing to work together with all parties to work together to ensure the normal functioning of WTO functions and continue to promote the Doha Round of Public Security on Food Security. The remaining issues negotiated and called on all parties to discuss new issues such as investment facilitation and e-commerce under a multilateral framework so that the WTO can continue to play its due role in global economic and trade governance.

Wang Shouwen emphasized that the U.S. initiated 232 and 301 investigations are unilateral trade protectionist practices. Adopting related trade restrictions will not only damage the normal international trade order, but will also cause serious damage to the multilateral trading system. The absence of a winner in the trade war will only have a negative impact on global trade and the world economy. China will actively take measures to meet the challenges and firmly defend the interests of the country and industry.

During the meeting, Wang Suwen also held bilateral talks with WTO Director-General Azevedo, as well as some member ministers or ministerial representatives from the United States, the European Union, India, Russia, Japan, Brazil, and Nepal.

After the meeting, Wang Shouwen participated in the collective meeting between Indian Prime Minister Modi and ministerial representatives of the relevant members of the conference.