Foreign trade enterprises: foreigners come to see the factory, how and his eyes?

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Original title: foreign trade enterprises: foreigners come to see the factory, how and his eyes?

Foreign buyers to Chinese watch factory, the supplier often guard, done a lot of preparatory work, I hope you can quickly take orders. However, it is easy for some suppliers to fall into the wrong zone and show customers how big the factory size is and how powerful the office is and how strong it is. In fact, this completely lost focus, because buyers are often not for your "scale", "style" to pay.

What do they pay most attention to when they look outside the factory?

Canton Fair electricity supplier platform recently organized a "mining for offline communication activities."". The activities focus on big purchases by the buyer, the counselor from the platform to extract high-quality procurement requirements, accurate matching of qualified suppliers, in recognition of both the preliminary cooperation intention, re organization buyers to China watch factory. In the event of a little small glimpse of one or two.

Buyer: Mr. Mohammed from the United kingdom.

Purchasing requirements: purchasing decorative building materials, household appliances, lamps and lanterns for a British construction hotel project, including tiles (wall tiles and floor tiles), sanitary ware, lamps and lanterns, Kitchenware and so on.

Mr. Mohammed is visiting the exhibition hall with tile exhibits

The factory viewing activities lasted 2 days, accompanied by the electricity supplier buyers consultants, 5 selected enterprises were visited, including ceramics, lamps and Kitchenware and other products.

Through a few days of follow-up, Xiao Bian buyers on the factory to pay attention to some of the details, as well as the reasons for the success of a single order, made a simple analysis and recommendations, do dry summary.

Mohammed samples off the spot

1, buyers trust is the key

Mr. Mohammed is a frequent visitor to the Canton Fair, and his connections with the electricity supplier in the Canton Fair date back to 2 years ago. 2 years ago, in the Canton fair electronic business platform on-site service point, Mohammed met buyer consultant Smile, and understand the fair electricity supplier platform services.

With professional services, the fair electricity supplier to Mohamed left a deep impression. After returning home, Mr. Mohammed and Smile team has kept in touch, but also regularly release buyers demand in the fair electricity supplier platform. This is the first time he Chinese from the procurement of building materials household lamps and other products, these manufacturers are not very understanding, after the fair electricity supplier of professional services and good response based on Mohamed for the first time in the Canton fair business platform release of the procurement requirements and to contact the Smile team for assistance.

Smile said that enterprises and electronic business platform, to obtain customer orders, it is necessary to win customers with services, access to the seller's trust.

Mr. Mohammed and consultant of electricity supplier buyers in Guangzhou Fair

2, customers look at the factory, not look at style

Some manufacturers to enter a misunderstanding: when to show customers, to the highest, the most glamorous side show to the customer.

In Mohamed's view, this completely lost focus, the surface of the enterprise is not the most valued customers, and also can not have a decisive role in the final transaction.

That customer in the end what to value. Many people say, our factory is very big, the industry is also very famous, so we should focus on corporate image, enterprise scale and so on, but do customers really value these?

According to many years of professional experience of buyers consultants and in-depth communication with buyers, smile said that the buyers on site visits, the factory's production capacity, production scale, product quality, etc. most seriously.

Mr. Mohammed's production line at the factory, in addition to the equipment to visit, but also more detailed inquiries supplier related production processes, production details and production capacity, and so on. He said that the image of the enterprise does give a good first impression, but the enterprise must rely on internal customers in order to achieve a more glamorous, enterprises can save bad external to internal destructive impression.

Smile told Xiao Bian, service is basic, but the product is the lining, only a good lining, in order to strengthen the strength of enterprises, in order to attract customers.

3, to show buyers R & D capability and testing process can be added points

The so-called "goods than three", customers look at the factory, in addition to manufacturers strength, the most core want to know nothing more than your product, the confidence of the enterprise, and not afraid of products transparent display in front of customers.

A- product quality. Mohammed in the factory during the discovery of the favorite products, will ask whether the product has "CE" certification, through certification, no doubt can give customers greater confidence. Secondly, Mohamed cares about whether the same regional experience in marketing your products, in his opinion, if your products are sold in Europe, so he will be more inclined to buy your product, after the baptism of the market are more popular.

If possible, the buyer can be visited throughout the production process, so that he can understand the product market process, how to control the quality, so as to set up a quality image in its mind.

B- product testing. Take the buyer to see the sample, the laboratory will be more points. In this process, the buyer can understand the whole process of product testing, and even personally experience. If possible, let him randomly select a product, let him see how high the product pass rate, how rigorous the test link, which will undoubtedly add a lot of points.

We noticed a detail that Mr. Mohammed placed a sample order after seeing a product testing room at a lighting enterprise.

In the sample room, Mohammed personally tested several products

4, more about their new products and new technologies

Buyers across the oceans to China, make light of travelling a thousand li is of course, want to see something, collect more information industry.

In the eyes of many buyers, if you can find the new products in Chinese and Xianshengduoren launched in the domestic market, will be able to take the lead and get higher profits. If some products are in their proper interest, buyers may even carry out cross - trade purchasing. Therefore, foreign trade clerks may wish to recommend new products of high quality.

For example, this is Mr. Mohammed in the kitchen to watch Sakura Shun kitchenware, on the business model of "home barbecue machine" has a strong interest, that will have a further communication on the orders of the product.

Smile said Chinese is not just holding customers to the destination, but will take into account, in addition to find the desired product, also often understand the market trends and new product of the enterprise, if the enterprise can do similar preparations, can often get another harvest.

Smile introduced the fair business platform for the launch of the new release fair electricity supplier center is also a new centralized platform, as long as the enterprises put their new products on the fair business platform, foreigners do not look at factory, also can see and learn the latest product.