Qingdao: steady foreign trade initiatives remarkable results

Date:2017-09-28 Views:755

In the first quarter of this year, the import and export of Qingdao showed a trend of "contrarian growth". According to statistics, in the first quarter, the city's import and export of 19 billion 38 million U. s.dollars, the scale jumped to 15 sub provincial cities fourth; an increase of 9.8%, an increase of 10.8 percentage points higher than the same period in the country. In the just concluded 115th Canton Fair on the first phase, Qingdao enterprises also handed out a beautiful report card. The city has a total of 190 exhibitors, a total turnover of 1 billion 200 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 5.8% of the total turnover of the Canton fair. In this series of bright figures behind, is Qingdao in the new situation, steady foreign trade launched a number of initiatives.

Appliance enterprises shining Canton Fair

At the Haier booth, exhibitors from India are seriously consulting about how to represent Haier products in India. "In India, there are already Haier agents, but the main agents are refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and other large household appliances. At present our country mainly wants to represent small household appliances such as rice cookers." A businessman who came to seek cooperation with the Canton Fair said.

Talking about the reasons for choosing Haier, he pointed out that Haier has a good reputation in India, the quality of products and services are very high quality, very recognized.

In order to seize the opportunities brought about by the spring fair, with Haier, Hisense and AUCMA as the representative of Qingdao household appliance enterprise, show the advantages of their products, outstanding technical features, enhanced user experience, won the favor of the purchaser.

The theme of the exhibition is Haier's "Smart Life", shows U+ intelligent life operating system's new position in the exhibition center, relates to the water treatment, kitchen processing, entertainment, air, and other kinds of security solutions; the new trend of Hisense continues to lead the development of the television industry, introduced in the exposition of ultra high definition television surfaces, blue laser TV, projection and other products, let people experience the new lighting feast; AUCMA launched a vending machine intelligent hot and cold drinks, welcomed by the market.

Qingdao AUCMA import and Export Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Zhang Fang said: "AUCMA in the Canton Fair to refrigeration products mainly, such as freezers, refrigerators.". Our vending machines increase the sale of cold beverages to hot food, including lunch boxes, in accordance with the needs of overseas markets. Payment platform from paper money, expanded to all kinds of payment cards, mobile payment, WeChat payment. From the market as a whole, sales are good and meet consumer demand."

These in line with market demand, new technology, high-tech household electrical appliance products attracted buyers from all over the world. According to the Qingdao Bureau of statistics data show that a fair, home appliance products traded products before three is air conditioning, TV and washing machine, respectively, the turnover of $280 million, $250 million and $230 million, the three major commodity turnover accounted for 63.3% of the total turnover of Qingdao City, home appliance exhibition a total turnover of $960 million, growth 5.8% more than the last.

Many measures to stabilize foreign trade

About Qingdao enterprises in the Canton Fair, deputy director of the Qingdao Bureau of Commerce Cui said: "as the Canton Fair, Qingdao enterprises have more than 1000 booths, one of the home appliance booth, especially Haier, Hisense, AUCMA and other enterprises are in more than 10% growth in orders. In addition to the revival of the traditional European and American markets, emerging markets have developed well, and overall, we are confident of economic recovery."

Confidence in this year's foreign trade market has also come from a number of initiatives launched by Qingdao in stabilizing foreign trade. The achievements of Qingdao's foreign trade work are mainly due to our efforts in grasping exports, expanding markets, grasping imports, maintaining growth and grasping services and changing the style of work in these three areas. Especially our joint customs, commodity inspection, national taxation, finance, people's Bank and other departments to provide a package of services to enterprises, improve service efficiency." Cui pointed out.

In the service of small and medium-sized enterprises, Qingdao city launched a "small and micro enterprises in Qingdao city foreign trade supply chain service platform", to play the role of the pilot coordinator for good business, to establish a new relationship between the customs and the enterprises, and further optimize the customs supervision and service.

Qingdao has established a three level linkage service system of city, district and street, which provides fine service and "nanny" service for key foreign trade enterprises. The Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Commerce liaison identified 300 key enterprises, each county established liaison 2000 key enterprises, currently we have solved nearly 100 business problems, beneficial to the promotion of the clearance efficiency." Cui pointed out.

In addition, Qingdao strengthens the introduction of headquarters trading companies. According to reports, in 2013, Qingdao's large enterprises cluster increasing, attracting more headquarters enterprises settled in the development. In addition to Haier, Hisense, Tsingtao and a number of local brands and corporate headquarters, Qingdao gathered CSIC, Sinopec, China Eastern Airlines and other central enterprises or domestic top 500 regional headquarters and the national key scientific research institutions, and attracted a number of key components and supporting enterprises gathered in Qingdao. At the same time, regional headquarters of multinational corporations such as Maersk, Caterpillar and Deutsche Bank are also gathering in Qingdao.

Turning to the focus of this year's Qingdao foreign trade work, Cui pointed out: "our work this year is still focused on grasping enterprises, grasping the market, focusing on the introduction of key projects, especially the introduction of headquarters type trading companies. At the same time, through industrial upgrading, transfer mode and adjustment structure, drive the development of the whole foreign trade enterprises, especially mechanical and electrical products, high-tech industries. At the same time, we should expand the integration of internal and external trade, import some consumer goods, bulk raw materials and so on."