Chinese appliance interpretation of foreign trade new story

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At the current Canton Fair, a substantial increase in turnover in the appliance industry has been a delight. Efforts to enhance the core competitiveness of products, attention to "ground gas" product design and bold attempt to sell electricity supplier channels, China's home appliance industry is able to stand out the key. Experts believe that the development path of brand, try the localization and fusion "Internet plus", still struggling for most of the foreign trade enterprises is worth learning

On October 27th, the 118th session of the second Canton Fair came to an end. In the foreign trade situation is quite complicated and grim moment, how fair performance is known as "foreign trade barometer", more exciting than ever. In particular, the first phase of the appearance of the appliance industry, the turnover of "man" the largest, accounting for 37.2% of the total turnover of the current turnover, turnover grew by 9%. In the context of multi - industry foreign trade growth slowing down, what is the secret of home appliances being handed over satisfactorily in the Canton Fair? As for related hot topics, the Economic Daily reporter interviewed several industry experts and enterprises.

In a minute the ten years

"Canton Fair, the Guangdong home appliance industry well-known brands Galanz buyers, visits and turnover of more than 30% year-on-year growth, turnover this year is expected to exceed 300 million yuan."." Liu Qingyu, Vice Minister of Galanz's overseas market management, said. According to the reporter, the turnover reached this magnitude of household electrical appliance enterprises list is still lengthening: Haier, Midea, Xinbao, Hisense, Ronshen...... The personage inside course of study thinks, the level of clinch a deal, kongfu is in fair outside.

It is a long-term task for household electrical appliance enterprises to improve their core competitiveness. At this point, Hisense can be described as painstaking. According to Hisense international marketing deputy general manager Fang Xueyu introduced smart TV, for example, Hisense has developed more than 170 hardware technology patents, which ULED display technology is advanced in Japan and South Korea; Hisense also introduced more than 100 content providers to meet the needs of different users, differentiated by multiple soft service. At the fair, the Hisense booth was crowded with people, and it was inseparable from these efforts." Fang Xueyu says.

In addition to competitiveness, "ground gas" is also the problem of home appliances. To European customers as the main direction of Ronshen kitchen and toilet, in September of this year, total exports grew by 30%. Ronshen kitchen CEO Xu Weiguo introduced the growth significantly, an important reason is that the Ronshen kitchen active products according to the target market, determine the product trend, communicate with customers, even together with the customer planning new products, new models, new features. Liu Qingyu feels the same way about it. At the Galanz booth in the Canton Fair, a classic, fancy refrigerator is very popular with Russian businessmen. "This product is designed for Russian customers," Liu Qingyu said. Only product "ground gas" can improve survival, and seize the target market."

"Internet plus" for household electrical appliance enterprises bigger and foreign trade volume many points. According to statistics, Haier, Galanz and other enterprises have been in the Amazon and other cross-border electricity supplier website set up an image store. These attempts have attracted a large number of customers in South East Asia, Africa and Latin america. Some enterprises said that many buyers directly named to a product, because before the electricity supplier on the site of the relevant products have enough understanding.

How big is the heart? How big is the stage?

In the field of foreign trade, household appliances industry can do more? In the eyes of industry experts, the answer is "must"".

"Consumer demand for household electrical appliances is a rigid demand."." Hu Xiaohong, director of Information Consulting Department of China Household Appliances Association, locates the home appliance market. According to reports, China's home appliance products have many competitive advantages. For example, air conditioning, microwave ovens and other appliances used "Chinese manufacturing" component, at about 80%, and small household appliances in "Chinese" is more than 80%, while the "rigid demand, one side is a huge production, household electrical appliance enterprises in which space have a brilliant future".

Experts believe that the urgent task is to reshape the "made in China" image. In fact, if the product quality, product functional richness, the "made in China" and many foreign products have been comparable. But some foreign brands with long-term brand accumulation, in the minds of consumers formed a strong mindset, that the products "more advanced", "more intelligent."". Next, household electrical appliance enterprises should rely on smart appliances, personalized appliances and other representatives of "China Zhi made" level of products, to reverse the misunderstanding and enhance the image.

In addition, on the basis of analysis of user habits and user needs, to promote flexible customization, to provide foreign consumers with more personalized, diversified products, or for Chinese household appliances in the foreign trade under the neutral of great merit. Experts said that now the Internet technology in the field of foreign trade application is the core of the use of large data analysis, will reflect the user's most real needs of data, into the deployment of production resources data. Many consumers put forward: "every Apple phone is not the same, why each refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven to the same?""

Shi Ke of home appliance attacking the jade of foreign trade

In the first three quarters of 2015, the total value of China's imports and exports was 17 trillion and 870 billion yuan, down 7.9% from the same period of last year. In this environment, the price advantage of foreign trade enterprises, which is based on low labor cost and low resource constraints, is gradually disappearing. As an eye-catching home appliance industry in the Canton Fair, what are the lessons to be learned from? Experts said that the home appliance enterprises in the search for brands in recent years, the localization and the "Internet plus path", which has a certain reference for the foreign trade enterprises.

In recent years, the brand strategy of household electrical appliance enterprises is effective